Revamping this blog

Service announcement: the blog was revamped! I decided to make a few changes and to resume writing articles.

First of all, I moved the blog from Wordpress to a pure static one, generated with the excellent Middleman. Articles are written in markdown, they have a few metadata (date, tags…), there are templates, layouts, helpers, routing, assets… And everything is compiled, minified on build. And the build is deployed via rsync over ssh. And the site is served statically.

To have comments in a static website, I use Disqus: it’s a piece of javascript, easy to drop in the articles layout, that allows for commenters to write, subscribe, be notified, star discussion, and for me to manage all of it.

I took advantage of the change to restyle the blog: simple, content first, no more boring sidebar, responsive.

I’ll reserve some time to write articles again, on a regular basis. And I’ll continue the Enlarge Your Ruby series of articles.

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