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EYR - Refactoring from good to great (and live)

Friday afternoon, Enlarge Your Ruby is back. So, is your Friday afternoon boring ? What about refactoring ? It’s time to learn having fun doing that, turning pretty bad code into good one and even into great one.

Ben Orenstein (@r00k) did a great live refactoring on stage at Aloha Ruby Conf in October 2012. Worth seeing it.

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EYR - Wrangling large Rails codebases

This is the first post in Enlarge Your Ruby, let’s start with an heavy one. Ruby on Rails gives a structure that helps organize our code. But when the app grows, we drown with hundreds of controllers, models, views. All this stuff is mixed. Tests take forever to run.

Let’s see how to Divide and Conquer with embedded gems and engines.

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A series of Ruby videos each Friday that improves yourself

Friday afternoon, time passes slowly… What about watching a good talk or conference ? Something technical. Something great. Something about Ruby, Rails or Web development in general. Something that improves yourself.

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Maxime Garcia
Ruby, Rails & JS lead developer in Paris.